Santa Post Affiliate Program

Santa Post Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

You must agree to our terms and conditions in order to sign up to the Santa Post Affiliate program.

Failure to abide by our terms and conditions will result in termination of your affiliate account along with the loss of any unpaid commission.

General Terms

The Santa Post Affiliate Program is open to individuals and businesses based in the United Kingdom only.

We reserve the right to modify, add or remove parts of this agreement at anytime.

Your affiliate cookie will last on the customers PC, tablet or phone for 45 days. This means if they purchase anytime within 45 days of using your referral link, you will receive a commission payment.


  1. You will NOT display our links or banners anywhere with content that is, or links to anything libellous, defamatory, obscene, abusive, illegal, invades someone’s privacy or infringes on someone’s intellectual copyright.
  2. You will NOT SPAM your affiliate link by posting it online multiple times in one place such as forum posts.
  3. Using your affiliate link on Twitter or Facebook IS permitted in status posts, tweets and on group pages so long as the group page does not contravene section (i).
  4. You CAN use your affiliate link in printed material such as posters, flyers or newsletters. This can be in the form of a written link or QRCode and again must not contravene section (i).

Your Commission

Your commission payments are made on validated transactions per letter/text sold.

Commission payments are made on the complete order at 10% of the total paid, we do offer increased commission to some affiliates based on performance on a year to year basis.

Payments are made either by cheque or electronically via PayPal only.

Each month, accounts with a total commission of over £30.00 will be automatically paid via their preferred payment method.

Unpaid commission under £30.00 but over £5.00 can be paid earlier, but this is subject to a £1.00 admin fee.

On initiation of commission payment, affiliates will be asked to confirm their details before payment is completed.

Any chargebacks or refunds made to a customer through your referral may be deducted from your unpaid commission total.