Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions section, below we have complied a list of the most common questions asked.

Please check below to see if we have answered your query here. If you can't find an answer here, feel free to get in touch with us using the form on our contact page.

    Santa Letters FAQ

  • How much do the letters cost?


    Our Santa letters cost just £1.99 including postage.

    If you wish, you can add a personalised text message from Santa Claus to your letter order for an additional 50p. (You can read more about our bonus text message below).

  • Is the letter from Santa Postmarked from the North Pole?


    Our envelopes are pre-printed with our colourful Christmas designs to make the letters stand out from the usual boring brown and white envelopes we receive in the post from day to day.

    As part of this design we have included our own, 'Reindeer Mail' postmark, (See the envelope in our preview here).

  • Do you deliver letters outside of the UK?


    Due to the low cost of our letters, Santa Post is now a United Kingdom only service.

  • When are the letters from Santa Claus mailed out?


    Our letters leave the Workshop via Royal Mail.

    If you order before December, your letters will be mailed out on the 30th November. Letters ordered on or after this date will be mailed out weekly according to our delivery schedule below.

    Delivery Schedule

    Order Date Postal Date
    Ordered Before Nov 30th Mailed out 30th November
    Ordered Between Nov 30th and Dec 6th Mailed out 7th December
    Ordered Between Dec 7th and Dec 13th Mailed out 14th December
    Ordered Between Dec 14th and Dec 20th Mailed out 21st December
  • What is the text message option with my letter order?


    With each letter you order, you have the option to add a personalised Christmas Eve text message from Santa Claus for just 50p.

    The text message will be sent to the mobile number you specify at around 6:30pm on Christmas Eve.

    Here's an example of the text message:

    Hohoho! Good news Lottie, I’m on my way to Halesowen to deliver lots of presents. Yours are on my sleigh too for being a good girl!

  • How do the text messages work?


    Instead of being sent from a number, our text messages are computer based using a named sender. This means that when the text message is received, it will instantly tell the recipient that it is from ‘Santa Claus’ so there’s no need to add any names to your contact list.

    What’s more, by using this method of sending, the ability to reply is disabled adding to the mystery of Santa …and avoiding any unwanted bills from attempted replies.

  • Ordering FAQ

  • How do I order with Santa Post?


    Ordering with Santa Post is very simple. Just click on the Order link at the top of the page, (if you are ordering from a phone or tablet, you will find these links in the menu button at the top right of the screen).

    We offer a choice of six different letter themes, once you have selected your theme you will be asked to fill in the details of the recipient.

    On completion, you can add more letters to your order if you wish or click the pay button to complete your order.

  • How secure is the ordering process?


    We use PayPal to process all of our payments. A trusted brand, PayPal offers strong security and encryption on payments processed as well as buyer protection on many items sold through their payment gateway.

    PayPal process payments at their end only, so even we don’t see your sensitive account information. For more information on PayPal as a customer visit the PayPal website.

  • What payment types do you accept?


    Thanks to our payment processing with PayPal, we can accept MasterCard, Visa Credit and Debit, Delta, Visa Electron, Maestro, Discover and American Express.

    You can also use your existing PayPal account if you have one.

  • Will I need a PayPal account to make a purchase?


    No. When you reach the payment point with PayPal, you can select the ‘Pay with a debit or credit card’ option and complete your order without a PayPal account.

    You can of course use your existing PayPal account if you do have one and wish to use it.

  • Am I able to track my order?


    You can track your order with us using the, ‘Track My Order’ page. You will need your order number handy as well as the email address used to make your order.

    Please Note: Your order confirmation email will give you an estimated delivery date of your letter orders and we don’t usually start mailing out until the end of November.

  • Any other questions?

  • How do I contact Santa Post with an order query?


    You can find our contact details here.

    We recommend using our contact form as this provides us with the most efficient way to deal with your request allowing us to respond quickly. Our Elves aim to respond within 24 hours.

  • How can I get in touch with Santa Post?


    We welcome your feedback on our letters so would love you to get in touch with us and we are always happy to respond to questions or queries related to the Santa Post website. To get in touch, please use our contact form.