The Santa Post SMS Text Message bundles

Everyone has a mobile phone these days, even Santa Claus! So what better way for him to let your child or loved one know just how good they have been with a text messages from jolly old Saint Nick himself.

Messages are sent out daily on the days leading up to Christmas and automatically list the sender as Santa Claus.

Starting from 99p, our packs feature personalised messages congratulating the recipient on being good this year and letting them know how Santa is preparing for his journey to town.

The last message, (or first message in the case of the single message pack) is sent on Christmas Eve and lets the recipient know that Santa is on his way.

For an additional 49p, each message pack can be upgraded to feature a bonus Christmas Day message from Santa wishing them a Merry Christmas.

Order your text messages from Santa Claus today!

Please Note: Messages from Santa cannot be replied to so no unexpected bills!

Text Messages from Santa